How I achieve straight A+ with >95% average percentage in SPM trials examination

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination is in less than 4 months’ time and we believe most of you have started preparing for the exam.

Achieving excellent results in SPM is important because it allows you to pursue your desired tertiary studies at your dream university.

If you manage to score exceptionally well, you may even be eligible for full scholarship by either government or private institutions.

You may have taken various initiatives to improve your academic results, be it spending hundreds every month for multiple tuitions, participating in boring group study or spending several hours alone in your room trying to get that equation right.

Yet, most of you may still hardly see any As in your exam transcript and eventually end up giving up pursuing that ambitious dream of straight As.

Now, you may be wondering if there is an efficient study strategy that will make scoring A+ as easy as taking a walk in the park.

Through our years of experience in preparing and tackling examinations, we found out that the most reliable method to ace the exam is by attempting on past year and trial examination papers.

Here’s why. Trial examination papers are designed to mimic the actual examination and working on trial papers means you are indirectly working on the actual exam papers.

Some trial papers have a higher difficulty level than the actual examination and if you manage to perform well on the trial papers, then you will have higher chances of scoring As in the actual exam.

There are many trial examination papers available from all the states. By just working on ten trial papers, you would have the taken actual exam for ten times.

Now imagine you have twenty, thirty or more of these trial papers. The results would be stunning.

But there’s a problem. How can you access the trial exam paper for all subjects from all the states of Malaysia? It would be a huge hustle to gather and compile them.

That’s where comes in. At, we are convinced that every student has the potential to achieve stellar academic results.

We are providing SPM Trial Papers for all subjects from 2011-2019, covering all states of Malaysia. And the best thing is, we are providing it for FREE.

We have even spent countless hours to split SPM Trial Question by topic, and compile them into ebook.

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You may also access SPM Trial Papers 2011-2019 here:

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