A Top STPM Student share experience on STPM, MUET, local government uni

by admin Jun Kang's friend

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STPM Information

Here are 36 tips by admin Jun Kang's friend, on studying for STPM, MUET, applying for scholarships and local government university via UPU.

1/ Enter after SPM, usually starts on April/may

2/ Minimum requirement passed BI, BM and sejarah

3/ Three semesters, four subjects for each semester.

4/ Can take more than 4 subjects max 5 but final result will only take count of highest 4 subjects's CGPA

5/ Got assignments which is known as paper 4 (sem 1 = paper, sem 2 = paper 2…) which is 20 to 40%

6/ For Bio and Chem, paper 4 is lab report for 3 sems

7/ For Maths T, a topic will be given by KPM every year to be done on sem 2 (might differ each year depending on topic) 

8/ For Pengajian Am (PA), 2 topics will be given and choose 1, usually sem 2

9/ Final GPA will total up 4 papers of each subjects 

10/ Can retake only sem 1 and sem 2's papers, each retake paper is RM50

11/ Can also remark paper (RM 50 OR 100)

12/ Must take MUET and minimum band 2 to enter UNI and different course in U different band requirement (doctor = band 5 above) 

13/ There is Listening, speaking, writing and reading for MUET 

14/ Speaking is a topic for 4 people each are destined A, B, C or D with 1 given point and each candidate must elaborate their point and then finally discuss a point to agree with it

15/ As far as i know the steams are Bio, Physics, Accounts, Sastera and languages (probably more) 

16/ For Bio stream, the 4 subjects are Bio, Chemistry, Maths T and Pengajian Am

17/ Physics stream are same except Bio change to Physics 

18/ Account stream are account, Maths M, Pengajian Am and IDK =(

19/ To apply for local U, minimum CGPA 2.0 for STPM

20/ Apply after final results are out usually March or April

21/ Buy Pin no. at bank BSN then apply on UPU website

22/ Maximum 12 choices and only top 4 choices are for interview courses like teacher and music and QS (if all 12 are not required to interview is okay also) 

23/ The system will automatically select the choices based on ur cgpa and requirements which means cgpa of 3.75 cannot apply doctor which needs 3.8 or 3.9 for UM but can apply for doctor in UNIMAS which required lower cgpa

24/ Science stream student can apply account courses but account student cannot apply for science courses

25/ Usually enrol on 2nd week of September and receive noti on August 

26/ Can appeal to change course or University with reasonable reasons

27/ After entering U, can apply change course in the same U depend diff U diff rules

28/ Can refer to www.quansheng.org website while applying course based on CGPA and have different courses's synopsis in different universities

29/ After getting confirmation from Uni, can apply PTPTN before enter U, after enter U the PTPTN staff will come over to collect documents 

30/ Can apply JPA scholarship after first year first sem minimum CGPA 3.0

How I studied for my STPM

1/ Went to tuition for Bio and Maths T

2/ Must study regularly for each subjects

3/ PA is more about general knowledge and perlembagaan, the esei written must be same as the points on the marking scheme =) 

4/ Maths T is about doing and doing questions

5/ Bio is about memorising all the processes and prepare for KBAT

6/ Chemistry for organic is memorise process the u will get high marks

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